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The Nintendo Entertainment System was release in 1986 and brought new life into the video game market after the crash in 1983. It featured 8 bit graphics and had a library of over 800 games. It is one of the best selling video game systems of all time and is still played by thousands today. Shown here is the deluxe system which featured a light zapper and ROB the robot.



This is the Atari Jaguar CD attachment for the Atari Jaguar console. The Atari Jaguar was a failure. Creating a CD attachment for it did not make a lot of sense. Less that 20 games were released for the Jag CD.



Just when you thought you’d heard the last from Atari they released the Atari Jaguar! Get ready to play some JAG!!! This system was released in 1993 to take on the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. The Jag was promoted as the first 64 bit gaming system doubling the power of the 16 bit systems. Do the math the advertisements would say, but their 64 bit was far from true 64 bit gaming. The Jaguar also attempted to compete in the market with the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation. Atari also made a CD attachment for the Jaguar, but very few were sold. Sadly the Atari Jaguar did not live up to the hype and was a complete failure. This was the last console system to carry the Atari name until the Atari flashback machines which were systems with built in Atari 2600 games banking on Nostalgia.


After the failure of the Atari 5200 and the crash of the video game market Atari floated along until a new era of Video gaming was introduced by the Nintendo Entertainment System. Atari released the Atari 7800 Pro System in January 1986. Learning from past failures Atari made this new system directly backwards compatible with the controllers and games from the Atari 2600. Atari had trouble gaining… developers for games due to the success of Nintendo which held over 80% of the gaming market. Big name developers were spending all their time developing for the Nintendo and under strict contracts they could not simply port their game s over to the Atari or Sega Master System platforms. In 1992 Atari closed the doors on the 7800. Less than 100 7800 titles were released. Was this the last here ever heard of Atari? Did Atari make one final attempt at a console come back? Stay tuned….


In 1982 Atari introduced the Atari 5200 Super System. It was designed to compete with the Intellivison from Mattel and the ColecoVision. The graphics of the 5200 were only slightly better than those of the Atari 2600, but did closer resemble the graphics seen on arcade machines of the day. The 5200 was not directly backwards compatible with the Atari 2600’s controllers or games without special ad…apters. The controllers for the 5200 were also prone to failure dues to a poorly designed 360 degree analog joystick. Only 69 games were officially released for the Atari 5200 while over 500 were made for the 2600. Within two years the Atari 5200 was discontinued due to poor sales. Production on games for the Atari 2600 continued and Atari prepared to release their next system the 7800 Pro System entering the era of the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Master System. Next we will look at the 7800.
Side note: Check out the movie Cloak and Dagger staring Henry Thomas from E.T. This movie features the Atari 5200…


The Atari Video Computer System began life in late 1977, with a price tag of $199.95. Eventually renamed the Atari 2600, the system easily became the most popular video game system ever. The heart of the system was a 1.19 Mhz 8-bit Motorola 6507 microprocessor. The machine contained a meager 256 bytes of RAM…

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Here at the Redwood Connection we are always looking for new collections and products. We aquire collections thru Ebay, Yard Sales, Flee Markets, Goodwell, Local stores, and donations. If anyone has anything they would like to donate please let us know!

We are happy to announce the acquisition of:

A nearly complete collect of The Real Ghostbusters

Galoob star trek figures

Thundercats 2011

Austin Powers figures

Check back soon for the latest updates!


Ebay Venting

Okay, so I was planning on putting up a post to update what all I’ve been working to procure for the site when I stumbled across this and I can’t take it anymore…thus, I vent.

One of my biggest complaints as a collector is the constant struggle with the d-bags who buy a lot of stuff and don’t care what they pay, then mark it up, and resell it piecemeal. This is artificially inflating the prices of the collectibles we all love. We as society of collectors HAVE to watch for these sellers and avoid them like the plague.

For example: ebay seller bought a set of 15 battle beasts for $110 (about $7 per beast), and is marking them up to $22!!!! WTF?!? That is a mark up of 300%! And people are buying from this a-hole? Please don’t. These people will only keep marking up like this if we buy from them. Be patient, look at completed listings of what you’re looking for and figure out what a reasonable price is.

Just food for thought as a collector.


Over the past year I have gotten several comments with regard to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… Comments like: “What the Shell no Turtles?” or “When the Shell are the Turtles coming to rWc? Well the wait is almost over… In order to bring you the Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I had to go back to where the  rWc began and dig deep into the darkest reaches of the rWc vault… What did I find you ask? Well hold onto your shells in the next few week s rWc will amaze you yet again with over 72 original figures, 20 vehicles,  THE TURTLE BLIMP!, and even the Techodrome.  Our staff is hard at work in the studio taking hundreds of pictures for the rWc event of the summer… It will be a shell of at good time… We look forward to your comments “Turtle Power!”

– Doc


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