Vehicles and Playsets

One of the advantages of the size of Battle Beasts was the small size. While this made fighting between beasts a touch more difficult, it allowed the toy makers to produce vehicles and ships that were large compared to the figures, yet small enough to really play with (unlike trying to make the Millenium Falcon fly around). The first line of vehicles were the 3 Battle Chariots. 

There were 3 battle chariots obviously to allow each faction control of one of them. Or were they? In fact, at the drivers location there was a sticker that presented all three of the emblems, which hinted that any vehicle could go with any faction (example). All three had roughly the same design, a sliding seat that pulled out to place a driver (example), two double bars on either side of the vehicle that allowed two beasts to ride along (example), and the classic pullback and release motion common to toys with wheels.  

Battling Big Horn

Battling Deer Stalker

Battling Tearin Tiger

While the chariots were decent vehicles, the really impressive Battle Beast toys were the 3 playsets called Transport Stations, one for each faction. They were sizable transformable bases that could house several of the beasts, provided a jail to house captured rivals, and provided several turrets and battlements for defense. Each one was designed to transform between an animal associated with the faction and a base.     

On that note of faction affiliation, although the correlation between animal/base and faction was quite clear (Blazing is clearly a fire trait and Wood is actually in the name of one of the playsets), each one had the same three faction sticker seen on the chariots. This is truly puzzling, why all three and not just the one for the faction? Perhaps this was intentional (trying to give the makers some credit here) and it was for events where another faction conquered the base. Or more likely it was a budget desicion of: “We don’t want to make any sticker variations. Lets just use the one we already have.”    

Blazing Eagle

Shocking Shark

Wood Beetle


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