Series 3

Battle Beasts series 3 expanded the set by another 24 figures. Unlike the two previous series, this one did away with the 2 pack blister cards and replaced it with boxes that contained 8 figures. The figures were just as well detailed as the previous two series,utilized the rub symbols, and colored the weapons for the first and second halves of the series (light grey and purple, respectively). Although I do have one complaint. The boxes advertised the new sunburst emblem which beat fire, wood AND water (also seen on series 2 packages once the promotion began). However, there was NO sunburst figure here in the US from what I understand. Kids like me, bought extras of a bunch of beasts just looking for the thing, and it was false advertising! Sigh…apparently, there was only the Pirate Lion figure that had the sunburst and it was only released in Japan. Way to tease kids folks.

The nicest change between series 2 and 3, were the placement of the identification numbers. Before, they were located somewhere on the back of the figure (sometimes legibly). The number of the beasts in series 3 were moved to the indented area of the bottom of the foot (example). This made identifying the beasts without a checklist significantly easier, which weren’t exactly easy to come by in the pre-internet days.

In a sort of odd move, compared to the two previous series where staple wild animals were the basis for the beasts (lion, tiger, bear, etc.), series 3 seemed to be really stretching the call of the ‘wild’ animals. We have seen a toad and rabbit in series 1, but at least they were given a nice look (like the torpedo arm of the toad) and one could imagine the speed of the rabbit being handy. In series 3, they introduce barnyard domesticated animals. A rooster and a pig? Are these really that ferocious? Furthermore, they introduced several exotic animals that were unidentifiable at first glance, such as a tarsier and a tapir, to quote a couple of examples. I will grant them that a couple of the coolest beasts period were released in series 3. The panda and black panther were both excellent picks and looked intimidating.

#53 Panzer Panda

[nggallery id=54]

#54 Leapin Lizard

[nggallery id=55]

#55 Killer Koala

[nggallery id=56]

#56 Tarsier Tyrant

[nggallery id=57]

#57 Black Panther

[nggallery id=58]

#58 Torrential Tapir

[nggallery id=59]

#59 King Cobra

[nggallery id=60]

#60 Manic Mandrill

[nggallery id=73]

#61 Pixellated Pointer

[nggallery id=74]

#62 Pillager Pig

[nggallery id=75]

#63 Rowdy Rooster

[nggallery id=76]

#64 Musky Ox

[nggallery id=77]

#65 Tanglin Pangolin

[nggallery id=78]

#66 Slowpoke Sloth

[nggallery id=79]

#67 Ardent Aardvark

[nggallery id=80]

#68 Bodacious Bovine

[nggallery id=81]

#69 Zealot Zebra

[nggallery id=82]

#70 Harrier Hawk

[nggallery id=83]

#71 Diving Duckbill

[nggallery id=84]

#72 Crooked Crow

[nggallery id=85]

#73 Frenzied Flamingo

[nggallery id=86]

#74 Fleet-footed Antelope

[nggallery id=87]

#75 Pugnacious Penguin

[nggallery id=88]

#76 Ossified Orangutang

[nggallery id=89]


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