Blazing Eagle

The Blazing Eagle was (obviously) associated with the Fire faction. It was the tallest (vertically) in base mode and provided 2 gun turrets. The beak was able to move, although I am not entirely sure what use that provided. Perhaps it was intended to be a ‘weapon’ in Eagle mode.

The overlying theme of the Battle Beast playsets could be summed up in one statement: Well thought out vehicles and bases with creative use of space and equipment. Overall these toys were excellent, with some minor nitpicky flaws, and the Blazing Eagle was no exception. The base makes use of every cubic inch of volume available, providing platforms and turrets all over the base, which is seen in the other two transports as well. Also like the other two bases, it provides the beasts a cell to hold captured enemies, several gun turrets for defense, and wheels on the bottom for rolling the transport. Although this is kinda odd for a bird with wings or a shark that should be in water for that matter, however it is a clever use for transporting, and they are not real animals anyways, right?

The wings were designed to look like fire rising up behind in base mode. However, looking at the Takara box for the playset, the wings were inverted. This is odd, because the artists rendition goes with the flames increasing towards the middle (thus not inverted wings).  This could be akin to the Transformers checklist posters that would display the toys incorrectly transformed into robot mode. Personally, I think it looks better as in the artists rendition.


October 2017
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