Shocking Shark

The majority of my favorite Battle Beasts turned out to be fire, thus I found myself enjoying the Blazing Eagle playset the most. While that was the case, I always was a big fan of the Shocking Shark playset designed for the water faction. In shark mode, it was not all that different from the other two animal modes. In base mode, this was one impressive playset.

It had an area at the top with a railing where battle beasts could presumably command from. The railing was overlooking…a waterfall – yes this playset came with a waterfall (abeit a sticker one). Like the others bases it had a jailing area and also had the playset specific turret (each came with double barreled turrets) and one other visible gun turret. Unlike the other two, it had a secret hatch towards the back which could hide beasts and also had a turret that tucked away in the hatch. The last nice feature of the shark was that the very back looked like a propeller fan, but the fan popped off to reveal a cavity that could hide beasts or act as a weapon storage.

I think ultimately the reason this base sticks out to me is because of the excellent design that took advantage of the entire volume available. No space was wasted, extra hidden compartments were available, creative things like the waterfall were included, and while including all of this it was a functioning transforming toy. Kudos to the designers!

Note: There is one small fin for the tail that is missing in the playset shown.


July 2017
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