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GoBots dealt with two opposing forces of transforming robots from the planet Gobotron: the heroic Guardians and the evil Renegades. The Guardians were led by Leader-1 with others including Turbo and Scooter. The Renegades were led by Cy-Kill, with Crasher, Cop-Tur and others.

The GoBots rarely used guns, instead shooting energy blasts out of their fists. Some saw the GoBots as being in the shadow of the more popular Tranformers line. We believe that GoBots, while also transforming/converting robots, are uniquely different and worthy of being a part or rWc.


Guardian Command Center Renegade Thruster Headquarters
Renegade Zod Renegade Scales
Guardian Rumble Boomer Renegade Blast Boomer

Power Suits:

Guardian Power Suits Courageous Renegade Power Suits Grungy


Baron Von Joy – Guardian Blaster (Green) – Guardian Blaster – Guardian Tork – Guardian Secret Rider Defendor – Super Guardian
Zeemon – Super Guardian Dive-Dive – Guardian Dozer – Guardian Dumper – Guardian Flip Top – Guardian
Wrong-Way – Guardian Hans-Cuff – Guardian Heat Seeker – Guardian Leader-1 – Guardian Leader Leader-1 (Super) – Guardian Leader
Leader-1 (Blue) – Guardian Leader Street Heat – Guardian Major Mo – Guardian Man-O-War – Guardian Mr. Moto – Guardian
Night Ranger – Guardian Pathfinder – Guardian Pumper – Guardian Throttle – Super Guardian Rest-Q – Guardian
Road Ranger – Guardian Royal – T – Guardian Scooter – Guardian Scratch – Guardian Turbo – Guardian
Small Foot – Guardian Sparky – Guardian Spay-C – Guardian Spay-C (Super) – Super Guardian Van Guard – Guardian
Staks – Super Guardian Treads – Guardian Super Couper – Super Guardian  Wrongway – Guardian  


Bad Boy – Renegade Bladez – Renegade Block Head – Renegade Stinger – Renegade Bug Bite – Super Renegade
Buggyman – Renegade Buggyman (Orange) – Renegade  Vamp – Renegade Vamp (Super) – Super Renegade Cop-Tur – Renegade
Crane Brain – Renegade Crasher – Renegade Crasher (Black) – Renegade Creepy – Renegade Creepy (Green) – Renegade
Cy-Kill – Renegade Leader Cy-Kill (Super) – Renegade Leader Cy-Kill (Black) – Renegade Leader  Destroyer – Super Renegade Pincher – Renegade
Fitor – Renegade Fly Trap – Renegade Herr Fiend – Super Renegade  Jeeper Creeper – Renegade Scorp – Renegade
 Screw Head – Renegade Loco – Renegade Stallion – Renegade Spoons – Renegade Spoiler – Renegade
Waterwalk – Renegade Psycho – Super Renegade Warpath – Super Renegade Twin Spin – Renegade Zero – Rogue Renegade Leader
Tux – Renegade Hornet – Renegade Slicks – Renegade Klaws – Renegade  Tank – Renegade

 Renegade Combiners:

Puzzler – Renegade Monsterous – Renegade

GoBot Cap Guns:

RoGun Hot Chamber Cap Riffle Blue Cap Pistol  Binoculars  Red Cap Pistol

GoBots Bubble Blowers

Blue Bubble Blower Red Bubble Blower Black Bubble Blower Green Bubble Blower

Gobots Board Game


GoBots Water Gun

Wendy’s Gobots

Gobots Collectors Case


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