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Here at rWc, we are huge fans of nostalgic video games (NES, SNES, Sega Master, etc.). Inspired by the ever popular Angry Video Game Nerd (and later by Until We Win), we decided that we would try tackling some of our favorite games (and a few craptastic ones he reviewed) to get the endings. Dr. J and Mark the Doc began this on 03/29/08 by beating Contra (using the 30 lives – we will revisit this without the code) and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (using the code to get to Tyson). From that date on, we would take the occasional weekend to beat more games and work on content for the site. Our thought was to build a place where people who never finished these games as kids and don’t have the time as adults to tackle could come view the last bosses (in some) and endings.

Okay, now because I mentioned the Contra code and password to Mike Tyson, it is necessary for me to address our method of playing/beating the games. I for one am a huge fan of Jason Pulliara that does Until We Win. It really pushed me to start trying to beat hard games that I may or may not have played as a kid. Now, he gets a LOT of flak about save states, which is a shame because he only does it for the video footage. For rWc, we play these on the actual systems (see Mark’s collection here) and record the endings using a DVDR. We had three major strategies for tackling the games: 1) Play straight through the game, 2) Play the game and use battery saves and passwords over several weekends, 3) Play the game on our own and use the password or battery save to finish the game together.

On the topic of cheats and codes I will say this, I have in the past used save states in two ways. One, to save in place of a password. Two, at particularly hard places in order to play and get practice. An example of the practice I refer to is in Ninja Gaiden at Jaquio. I could either keep playing through the final stage to take a quick stab at him and try to get a pattern down or do it with a save state, practice, then move over to the actual NES to beat the game. I will point out that I never beat him on emulator, as my save had less than full health (I realized that given a full health bar after the first boss I could probably do it and did). There is our “truth in advertisement” and I hope it clarifies what we use in order to beat the games.

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