“More than meets the eye”

What can I say about Transformers that has not been said thus far? Put simply, this was one influential TV show and toy line in the childhoods of most of my friends (both friends from childhood and made as an adult). It has survived as an ongoing toyline since its initial release in 1983 in various forms, evolving as culture did and culminating with a live action movies made as much for adults as for kids. Truly this collection has meant a lot sentimentally and brings back memories for us all.

As far as the “museum” pieces go, we present those pieces we have in our current collections. Several are authentic generation 1 toys (G1) released in the 80s, some are the reissues by Takara and Toys R Us (TRU) after 2000, and a few are knock offs (KOs). I must point out that the KOs in my collection are the Japanese released replicas, and are virtually identical to the G1 versions complete with metal pieces and chrome weapons. Each of these pieces will be identified in the museum as such. Furthermore, I include them here to provide a checklist of sorts for the figures (to check for broken pieces) and of their weaponry.

With regards to the specific toy lines, I intend to present the first 4 series of Transformers (1983-1986) which will span the initial figures through the headmaster and targetmaster lines. After this point, I lose my nostalgic interest in the toys (Micromasters, Beast Wars, Machine Wars, etc.). Perhaps as the site evolves we will include these in the museum, but not at this time. However, I will present some of the generation 2 Transformers (G2). These were remakes of the G1 figures with new coloring and weapons, which had a wide spread release (unlike the store specific anniversary releases).

Series 1 – 1983 (G1)

Series 2 – 1984 (G1)

Series 3 – 1985 (G1)

Series 4 – 1986 (G1)

Generation 2


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