Battle Beasts Variants

Like most collectible toy lines, Battle Beasts unfortunately suffers from figures with alternate colorations that enhance their aftermarket value. From what I understand, the main cause for this (at least with the Battle Beasts) was that some factories did not have a particular color plastic available, so they would substitute in a similar color shade or downright different color in a couple cases and in some they would leave the base plastic color and apply no paint.

Probably the most drastic color variantions belong to (rare on the left below):

#13 Gargantuan Gorilla (orange armor vs red armor)

[nggallery id=106]

#31 Jaded Jag (blue armor vs red armor)

[nggallery id=107]

 and #42 Miner Mole (black armor vs purple armor)

[nggallery id=108]

The next most straightforward cases are those with different highlight paint jobs. For example, Powerhouse Mouse has a version with painted teeth and one without. Take a look at these cases here:

#24 War Weasel (painted crotch armor vs unpainted)

#37 Wolfgang Walrus (painted and unpainted tusts)

#38 Powerhouse Mouse (painted and unpainted teeth)

#49 Squire Squirrel (painted and unpainted teeth)

Now, there were also MUCH more subtle cases. Typically, I do not personally bother trying to chase down variants. The variations come in the form of different shades of color for armor. Here are the commonly reported cases:

#3 Ferocious Tiger (light pink shoulder weapon vs dark pink)

#4 Colonel Bird (shades from dark blue to light blue for armor)

#5 Killer Carp (dark pink vs light pink armor)

#9 Rocky Rhino (dark yellow vs light yellow armor)

#19 Prickly Porcupine (different shades of yellow armor)

#28 Crusty Crab (light pink skin vs dark pink skin)

#61 Pixelated Pointer (light pink armor pieces vs dark pink)

#65 Tanglin Pangolin (different shades of peach armor)

I need to credit the toy archive site for much of the information listed here ( Thanks for a good source!


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