Unbeknownst to my younger self, the Battle Beasts line had several other items beyond the action figure line. Many of these items are rare and command relatively high prices on ebay (i.e., the Battle Beasts Annual and the Battle Beasts cassette tape with four audio stories). Here at the rWc, we have been able to attain the following pieces (primarily with regards to the dress up items):

Dress Up body armor:

This interesting item allows a child to wear body armor similar to that of the Battle Beasts. Moreover, it goes one step further to mimicking the armor of the figures through the use of a built in swivel wheel that has 4 settings: the Battle Beasts logo, fire, water, and wood. Thus, allowing a child to choose a faction. The only major drawback is that the armor is fairly cheap feeling rubbery material. Though, I will compliment the durability as it seems to have aged pretty well.



The goggles come in 4 different colors and go along with the body armor/dress up theme.





Unlike the two items listed above, the bandolier served the dual purposes of carrying the figures as well as add to the dress up options. The bandolier (more like a belt really) has a buckle with a case to hold a couple figures and loops to tie several beasts to the belt itself. I will admit, this looks rather cheaply done. Each Bandolier comes with a figure, Hardtop Tortoise in the case above. Note that in the last picture, the weapon does not belong to Hardtop Tortoise, but belongs to Blitzkrieg Bat.

Comic Book:


There were 4 american release comic books (not to mention a Battle Beasts Annual book with color comics, games, and puzzles). The comics seem to have drastically increased in price on ebay over the past few years.


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